As an artist, Davo is anything but staid and conventional. Despite his deliberate efforts to “obliterate the painter’s touch” he has an unmistakable talent for delivering a neo-Pop message, whether he is working with bric-a-brac in densely layered assemblages or combining a few Objects in spare installations. His paintings contain recognizable, but bizarrely juxtaposed images. The materials he uses-wood, plastic, glass and paint, to name a few-literally extend beyond the canvas. As a result, his artwork is entertaining but thought provoking, repetitive but innovative. One of the things that most clearly distinguishes Davo’s art from what he calls “my more systematically oriented elders,” is the kaleidoscopic character and scale of his works. And he often invites others to contribute ideas or objects to his works. “My most devastating or heroic moments with paint,” he says,” are a part of the density of an uncensored continuum that neither begins nor ends with any decision of my own alone.”

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